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COM 460 Blog: Dennis Yu Lecture

November 5, 2013

For this week’s COM 460 “blog of my choice”, I will be reflecting on Dennis Yu’s brilliant Skype lecture presented to our class on Facebook analytics. First off, I did not take notes during this lecture because I was so engaged with what was being said, so my reflection will be on aspects that really stood out to me. It was the most engaging guest lecture thus far in the course by a wide margin.

I was very impressed with Dennis’s work building ( as a major player in the analytics industry. I admire a person with great intelligence and the ability to make a business a success accompanied with a sharp mind. I also enjoyed hearing about his big-name industry connections he made in the process. Not everybody has the ability to arrange meetings with people like Mark Zuckerberg to discuss media branding over lunch.

As for his demonstration of Facebook’s promotional abilities, I was blown away. I had no idea that an average person could filter so much data to target specific influencers based on categories like occupation, location, and employer. I really enjoyed the example of filtering data to cross-promote a post for “Toyota employees, in Japan, in management”. This showed me a way of promoting any message I want to the people I really need to target. Being a senior Communications major, this would be a great way to get my resume to the people who need to see it (Dennis, if you’re reading this, feel free to help me with this any time).

Another reason for my admiration of the lecture was how it might be applied to my work with University of Louisville Athletics for the course. I know that Dennis has worked with Nick Stover and the Athletics Department before, so he would be a great man to talk to about where we should go with our project.

Our UofL Athletics team is tasked with marketing promotions and gaining more followship for the program as a whole via social media with a budget of $0.00. Dennis has made a career doing this with other businesses, so some expert advise would be great. We have researched other competitors in the college athletics industry and have found that currently UofL Athletics is not a the top, but they are not at the bottom either. The university has many social media outlets, but yet seems unresponsive to its audience. Engaging followers with content they want, on time, in a form easy for them to access is key to achieving our project goal. It would be great to get some input from Dennis (after reviewing the current state of UofL Athletics social media) about what they should be doing to engage more people via social media.


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