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COM 460- Blog: Hootsuite II

October 30, 2013

This week’s class blog for COM 460 on Hootsuite will be an update for my progress and my thoughts on the process up to this point. From the start of this blog my, progress looks like this…

HS 1

…although I am still working on completing the program, I have worked with it enough to write my first Hootsuite blog earlier in the semester. I was not a fan of the certification site initially because mainly because I have not experienced it fully. As I write this, I will be working through it more and will be giving my opinion on some parts that stand out and hopefully they will be more positive.

After working with the program further, I still maintain that it is a very in depth and through process. The software is a great way for businesses to capture content as they grow, but on a personal use level I am still unsure of its utility. The data research ability of the Hootsuite experience was one section I liked because of the capacity to omit terms the user was not interested in. Filtering data is one aspect that adds to the listening ability of the user. I also like the integration of all these data collection capabilities across multiple social networks. By drawing avenues like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Foursquare, Myspace (whatever that is), WordPress, Mixi, etc., it expand one’s ability to gather and filter information. This is a tool in terms of information gathering and online targeting a specific demographic that can hap a small business grow. Capturing the right information at the right time can help build relationships with potential influencers.

HS 2

I also liked the dashboard feature used in Hootsuite. I think this would be good for a business to manage a variety of business perspectives covered in the different sections of the Hootsuite program. My dashboard seen above is sparse compared to some of the more well-connected dashboards featured in the video tutorials. Again, a lot of the examples discussed in the Hootsuite certification videos referenced the program from a business management side rather than a personal level. If I utilized a program like Hootsuite to its full potential outside the confines of this course, it would make me feel a bit desperate for attention. If I was a small business owner on the other hand, I would definitely use the program to reach a perspective audience in the ways it suggest.

Looking over the application as a whole, a lot of what is covered in the COM 460 course was reinforced by the program itself. I enjoyed reading about the specific topic sections like collaboration, analytics, engagement, and listening because it made the program well rounded from a business’s perspective. Hootsuite is designed for the person with a growing business that doesn’t have time or money to manage a lot of different feeds. The program is also useful to that small business start-up who doesn’t want to pay an analytics company to find new customer markets. I feel like pairing the promotional abilities of Hootsuite with a program like Quicken Home and Small Business Manager that has the same visual data representational aspect, a small business owner can properly manage their business into new markets.


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