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COM 460 Blog: Twitter Handles on Team Jerseys?

October 26, 2013

For my blog this week, I will giving my response to the article supplied by to me by Dr. Freberg on 2012-13 Digital Best Practices #8: “Akron Attempts to Put Twitter Handle on Jersey”. After having read the article it is the first time that I have heard of any NCAA school going this far with their social media. My immediate response was on of shock that officials would allow such a thing, but that shock value ultimately generates media buzz about the school.


“Creativity, scalability, simplicity, execution, and impact” are all aspects the article highlights as factors that go into creative and innovative social media practices. I love this idea even more because it came from a very small school like Akron thats not huge in college athletics. This shows that social media innovation can emerge from one person with a unique idea, no matter the size of their organization.


The article references how huge sports reporting groups like ESPN and USA Today have picked up the story. This alone, regardless if NCAA approves putting Twitter handles on jerseys, will promote the school, the players, and the team. Relating this to my experience as a sports fan, putting players Twitter handles on jerseys would give me something to do while I was watching the game because I always have my phone with me (i.e. second screen viewing genius).


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