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COM 460 Blog: Random Ramble About Stuff I Like and Why I Like It

October 11, 2013

For this “COM 460 week 6 blog of my choice” post I will give my quick summary and reaction to some current events, pictures, and whatever else I think is cool. Relax, I’m not going to talk about the government shut down (I touched on that on that in My Blog last week, check it out). I will get the topics from my Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. as I read through my live feeds. For the purpose of this blog, I will examine what draws me in rather than the content of the articles.

First from my Facebook feed is the  University of Louisville’s live updates about the game on right now (Cards are playing Rutgers and are up 17-7). I pay attention to their updates for multiple reasons, first of which is the fact that I am a student and I care about what is going on. Second, I pay attention to their content more when it involves live athletic updates as another way of watching the game (second screen viewing working perfectly). Another reason for my focus is because they post a lot of pictures and graphics that are professional and interesting. I read enough in my classes, so when I want to relax with some social media time, I would rather look than read. The page is interesting on another level because I am in the UofL Athletics group for COM 460 and I am always looking for options for that project.

The second social media outlet I am browsing while writing this is My Twitter. First, I would just like to say Twitter sometimes makes me feel anxious because it updates quicker than most sites and never seems to stop. I feel like there’s always something I may be missing, usually about current events or news more so than my friend’s updates. The Huffington Post Article I selected from the top of my feed while writing this drew me in with the Tweet “What German wisdom can teach the rest of the world about living the good life”. The title was appealing because I like to think I live the good life and want to continue. The German part was appealing to me because they are known for quality, precision, and order (all things I like and value myself).

The third and final outlet for finding stuff I like online is My Instagram account. This is the site I use the most because its basically all pictures, its easy to use on my phone, and it has a mix of people I know and don’t know. I like the random-ness of updated content on my live feed in particular. I follow pages than ranger from what new sneakers are coming out (Kicks4Sale) to baseball (MLB) to what my friends from high school are doing. All this content is constantly refreshed all the time so there is always something new to see. The Instagram for  Apple Computers is an example of a professional page I check into often. I like their content because I like their brand and their clean product design. In  short, each social media site I use for different reasons, but what content I find appealing remains much the same.


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