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COM 460 “Hootsuite Makes Me Feel Desperate…”

September 27, 2013

First of all, the first time I have ever really explored Hootsuite University is while writing this blog (sorry Dr. Freberg, I have been super busy). I will incorporate into this blog my first impressions, experiences and sentiments about the site as I both explore the site and write.

My first impressions is that it is some type of social network site used for professionals (and soon-to-be professionals in my case) to connect with each other. Im sure it was explained earlier in class in more detail, but I am a bit late. The homepage/dashboard is bland and uneventful. There is very little information given about myself and others that actually would help me network with others, just profile pictures of people who are Hootsuite certified in the area. On the plus side, I do like the Social Media Jobs section that allows the user to look for employment. I like this section because it lists jobs from all over the country that have with employers of different sizes. This interests me because I plan on looking for careers nationally when I graduate. On the down side of this section, some of the companies I have never heard of or are non-profit or charity-based, things I myself have no interest in. Also, the mobile app for Hootsuite on iPhone sucks, it looks and operates nothing like the Dashboard on desktop and I have only managed to link my Facebook to the account.

As far as the My Courses section is concerned, I am not excited and a little confused. It seems like a lot of extra time and effort required to study material cover in lecture discussion. I find myself asking “so will this actually make my phone ring with job offers?”, my answer to myself is “probably not, Ben but do it to get a good grade in Dr. Freberg’s class. Maybe I am just being negative about the extra work that I am behind in.

I can see how Hootsuite will expand my social media prsense by linking all my social media sites into one, but my response to that is “what’s so great about that?”. Why would I spend hundred of dollars on an iPhone just to use only one social media app? I want to switch from app to app and see my phone move and play with it and get my money’s worth. In addition to that, Hootsuite University, with all its courses and tabs and links and this and that, feels like it demands too much attention. Social media outlets should not require this much energy. If social media profiles are a reflection of me, then Hootsuite clouds my other’s perception of who I am. I consider myself to be a young professional interested in networking with others in the area and maybe getting a job offer out of it, but I am not the type to spend hours of my time to get followers I’ve never met. Personally, Hootsuite makes me feel desperate for attention, but I will complete the course to get a good grade in COM 460 and make Dr. Freberg happy.


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