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Blogs and Microblogs- COM 460

September 17, 2013

When I first heard of a “blog” in terms of communication, my first thought was “who cares?”. Why would anybody take time out of their day to read about somebody else’s boring day? Where is the utility in that? I could not have more wrong about the subject of blogs and micro blogs.

Having first heard of blogs (sometime in the late 90’s or early 2000’s), I had the conception that they were just bored people talking about boring stuff on the internet. I did not realize the power blogs had. By allowing people and businesses to publish their own content, it would seem that blogs make up a large portion of the web as I know it. I use food blogs to find good places to eat (with the help of apps like Yelp!). I use consumer reports and product reviews before I make a major purchase (mainly a Google Shopping search). I even use blogs to find out whether or not people like a certain professor that I will be taking classes with ( Yet, these uses seem small now that I am a college senior looking to make a career in the marketing/communications field.

The Twitter article posted for class discussion about Who’s Running Social Media for Big Companies gives insight into how large, traditional companies are quickly adopting blogging as a new form of customer interaction. The article gives the run down on people working to mange social media for firms like Ford, Dell, Southwest Airlines, and Honda just to name a few. The individuals all seem to be young, tech-savvy, professionals with backgrounds in traditional marketing. This interests me because I too wish to find a career working with a large firm’s marketing division. This article illustrates the point to me that I should be more aware of social media’s importance as a marketing tool.

With that being said, the another article I came across while researching blogs as they pertain to marketing and social media is The Top 75 Must-Read Online Marketing Blogs. This page gives links to other blogger’s pages who mainly track social media marketing trends. This adds another lay of depth to the conversation between people and businesses. In today’s world, just as people have online personas, so do companies. These companies use blogs such as Twitter to interact with customers in a way they are comfortable with, while at the same time creating a more dynamic image of a business via social media.

While blogs have the ability to bring about a lot of positive effects for people and businesses, the power to publish content at whim does have its pitfalls. The YouTube video on Blogs & Corporate Reputation from Fox News highlights how companies, like individual users, are concerned about their online reputation. Blogs give people the ability to speak freely about corporations, brands, and products. Both positive and negative comments should be addressed to guard a group’s reputation. 


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