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Strategic Planning and Social Media

September 15, 2013

When talking about strategic planning and social media, its integration and use by marketing professionals is something that interests me as a growing professional industry. As learned from in class discussion, traditional large brick-and-motor companies are paying big bucks to those marketing professionals to get them “on social media” as they understand it. Those who are trained to translate a company’s message or goal to an online audience can make a good living for themselves. I am one of those people who would enjoy working with said organizations because of the challenge of getting a message across.

The “Social Media Marketing in 3 Minutes” YouTube video connected Here may look like something targeted to my parents generation, but it hits most of the high points for what social media marketing is used for. The four steps are a bit simple, but overall informative. The video talks about how the hurdle for most businesses is getting started by posting correct identity for a client. This is the part I find particularly interesting about social media marketing, the challenge of getting the message across. So much focus is put on getting the correct picture of a company and I want to make a career of getting this message across for a client.

Mashable’s article on “7 Hot Social Media Marketing Positions” gives a list of just some of the career opportunities that coincide with traditional marketing. Some of the overall job criteria include roles supporting select brands in marketing and sales for “detail-oriented, enthusiastic, and bright individuals”. It is opportunities in fields such as these that I want to get into after I graduate. Although many of the listings are with small to medium size tech companies, I am also considering looking into careers with in-house marketing divisions.

The final video of “The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media For Business” gives some more guidelines for those operating social media outlets for a business or client. The production gives many helpful tips, one of my favorites being “don’t drink alcohol and use official social media outlets”. While this seems like a basic concept, many times it is broken.  Other good tips like “the company’s social media personality should mirror the cooperate personality” are important for social media business use. And as in most things in life, spelling things correctly is critical to avoid public ridicule. 


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