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Intro Blog- COM 460

September 5, 2013

Hello, my name is Ben Chester and I am from the very small town of Birdseye, IN. I am creating this blog for my COM 460 Social Media class for my senior year at the University of Louisville. I am a declared Communications Major and I plan on graduating in December of 2013 and going on to get my MBA in Marketing after graduation. I view getting a good education now as an investment in my future, so that is why I put an unusual amount of dedication in my studies. I want to have a successful career somewhere on the West coast and retire early somewhere on an island in the South Pacific as a very wealthy man. Any of the following destinations would be suitable

While I have taken many communication courses at UofL, this class is by far the most relevant so far. By relevant I mean interesting to what I want to do later in life involving social media and marketing. I find it very interesting how my generation and others are integrating social media, devices, and new ways to connect into their every day lives. It has never been easier for a business to connect with their current customer base, as well as potential customers via social media (if they can get past the tons of clutter from other advertisers). Plus having Twitter homework is fun to brag about to my boring Bio. major friends. 

My overall goal for this Social Media class is to learn skills that I can apply to both my personal social media profiles, as well as learn skills that can be applied to my professional work with a company in the future. I want to learn how to analyze current social media trends that will allow me to be successful in business later. I feel like there will be more valuable employment positions emerging with large companies who are paying closer attention to what social media is saying about their brand, not unlike traditional customer feedback. 

In the future, I do not see myself maintain this blog long after this class because I have so many other social media outlets to manage. Sometimes, I feel a bit overwhelmed with the potential avenues for one’s expression via social media. I already have an Instagram (Ben’s Instagram) 

and a Facebook (Ben’s Facebook) and a number of other social media and e-mail accounts that one would expect from a Communications major. Overall, I am looking forward to learning a lot from the course this semester.


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