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Blog #9: Blogging

November 14, 2012

My thoughts on blogging are as varied and diverse as the topics they pertain to. Before taking this class and having to create a blog of my own, I thought of bloggers as people with web sites who usually beat up on something or somebody. As I have explored blog topics further, I have found that many people really value such a podium to speak from. People blogging about their own daily going-ons gives them a sense purpose. People blogging about the political scene may make them feel like their making a difference or their side is winning. People blogging and answering web forum questions posted by other individuals gives people answers to detailed questions (I know because I have used such forums myself). I think blogging adds another dimension to the internet experience in that it is the main avenue for many people exercising their freedom of speech in our modern day. It is not farfetched to think that many people restricted in the outside world by other judging individuals (society, family, bosses, friends, etc.) and are braver about voicing their true opinions from behind a keyboard.

Considering the attached Washington Post article and the question of the societal impact of blogging, one can see the power of such a communication technology. The article exemplifies a how society today takes many statements and news for face value. By failing to put time forth to fact check bloggers stamen and then passing them on as news is detrimental to maintaining an informed public. Blogging has such an impact on society because anybody can now be their own publisher (a publisher who is many times ill-informed and had no editor). Blogs can be used as a means of self-expression for many, but also can be used as a weapon in our modern age. The article illustrates how rumors generated from fraudulent sources can destroy political careers, jobs, relationships because an individual today can reach more people via the internet than at any other point in history. I personally expect that blogging will continue to move in evolve in the two directions mentioned above: 1) as a helpful tool, soapbox, creative medium and 2) a weapon that its hurtful, cruel, and untruthful that can be used by anybody with an internet connection.

Overall, I believe that giving any individual the power to publish is a great thing for mankind. Never at any point in history has it been easier to get your own message to the public (or at least those who read your blog). As we discussed in class, many other modern innovations impact society in both positive and negative ways. Blogs are no different. Some will use their new found voice to find a sense of purpose and do “good”, while others will use it to spew hate and slander. All this comes from the bravery found behind a keyboard combined with the hopeful optimism that just maybe your message will actually make an impact and change the world.


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