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Blog #4 Home Video Production

September 25, 2012

Over the course of my life, I have witnessed firsthand multiple changes in home video recordings. I have seen the rise and fall of VHS, the introduction of both DVD and Blueray technologies, as well as capturing video on hard disk drives. The role of home video production largely because it captures a moment in time that people deem important to them. When it comes to portable medium like cell phone video, people often use it to capture only brief highlight moments (like something funny or somebody doing something of interest). The “sharing” video trend has recently taken our home video production to the next level. Social media outlets like Facebook are now playing a major role in how we interact with others and communicate who we are to the world. By recording film of our lives and sharing it amongst our friends allows us to stay more connected.

I believe that consumer video products may become more important to our lives because of how easy it is becoming to share what we have recorded with other people. Before sharing pictures and videos became commonplace, home videos have never been as compatible with other communication mediums like the internet. Television was compatible with VHS, but never to the extent of mobile video uploads to the internet. As we learned in class lecture, a new technology is always better received by consumers when it is compatible with other tech mediums. This idea applies directly to home video that is now stored on hard drives and shared via the internet.

Cell phones and smart phones have also lead the way in video production amongst individuals. By having the ability to shoot video on portable devices many people have in their pockets, people generally don’t have to know the ins and outs of technical video production. My own experience with smart phone video recording is basically a “point and shoot” approach. I have no concern with light balance, contrast, and filter when shooting video on a simple device. I feel as if this is a new literacy for society because the videos are usually short, sweet, and to the point. Movies and other films use professional equipment to shoot video with higher production value. Smart phone video is not expected to have such high production values. I think that if people want to watch a video with high production values and deep plot points, they will always choose cinema over lower value smart phone video.

I do however think that people should know and appreciate the benefits of both high and low quality videos. Communication majors should know about cinematic video techniques as a result of their area of study. Personally, I have taken communication classes where I was involved in the production of short films with higher profile production equipment and enjoyed the process. It was an experience to become accustomed to fade, balance, and other production variables that helped to enhance a film piece and better convey my intended message to the viewer. Communication majors should be familiar with what goes into communicating an idea, but the average Joe would probably not put such techniques to use shooting home video.

To conclude, I think that emerging home video technology allows for people to become more connected and in touch with the world them. One person can now reach the world with one video camera on their iPhone and make an impact. Such technologies sever to amplify an individual’s voice in the world. The ever expanding communication environment is always becoming more accepting of videos via the internet and outlets to the public such as YouTube and Facebook. One person can produce a viral video with millions of online views with little knowledge of legitimate production techniques. Home video production serves as an outlet for anybody with the means (even just a cell phone) to convey their creativity and message to the world.


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